Released: 1-21-2018

Custom Elements

Custom elements can be created with New-UDElement. This cmdlet supports both PowerShell-based elements and JavaScript-based elements.
For an example of a PowerShell-based custom element, visit the UniversalDashboard.MaterialDesign GitHub repository.
For an example of a JavaScript-based custom element, visit the UniversalDashboard.Sparklines GitHub repository.
Documentation on custom elements can be found here.


Themes can now be selected with the Get-UDTheme cmdlet. There are x built in themes to choose from. Themes can be provided to the New-UDDashboard cmdlet.
You can create custom themes with New-UDTheme. You can also base your custom theme on a built in theme to modify only certain colors.
Creating new themes based on existing themes is as easy as this.
$Theme = New-UDTheme -Name "Custom" -Definition @{
'UDTable' = @{
'BackgroundColor' = '#123123'
} -Parent Azure
Documentation on themes can be found here.

Issues Resolved

  • #216 Themes
  • #234 Colors for CollapsibleItem
  • #235 Active Parameter of New-UDCollapsibleItem not working
  • #236 Have to click twice to expand a CollapsibleItem for the first time after page has been loaded
  • #237 Not all icons are working
  • #243 Erroneous HTTP Warn when Certificate is supplied in 1.3.0, 1.4.0-Beta2
  • #245 New-UDCard Content Option
  • #248 Microsoft Authentication throws a 500 error
  • #249 Page Name Whitespace Replacement
  • #252 Json is returned when visiting /login
  • #253 REST APIs are not working in 1.4.0 beta
  • #259 Empty UDGrid - MAX_SAFE_INTEGER is not defined
  • #260 JSON text returned after close/resume session
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