UDInput validation

You can now use ValidationAttribute's to validate UDInput's on the client. Once a user enters something into a text field, the validation logic will run and provide the user with an error message directly in the browser.

You can customize the error message using the UniversalDashboard.ValidationErrorMessage attribute or by using ValidationScript .

For examples of how to use this feature, check out the integration tests: https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/blob/master/src/UniversalDashboard.UITest/Integration/Input.Tests.ps1#L46

Design Terminal

You can now interact with the UD runspaces with a built in terminal. You can call cmdlets like Add-UDElement to add elements to the live dashboard. These changes aren't saved anywhere but allows you to play around with the features.

Client Side Code Splitting

The 2.1 UD JavaScript package reached over 2.5 MBs! Thanks to, Alon Gvili, the package is now split into smaller bits. Each component now resides in it's own JS file. They load automatically and won't load if you aren't using them. The main JS file is now down below 700kb. This will ensure that first time loads are much quicker.

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