Universal Dashboard uses the Font Awesome library to provide icons throughout the product. Many controls accept icons and you can create stand alone icons with New-UDIcon.

Basic Icon

You can specify an icon name. Tab complete is available for icon names.

New-UDIcon -Icon rocket -Size 5x
New-UDIcon -Icon bandcamp -Size 5x
New-UDIcon -Icon palette  -Size 5x
New-UDIcon -Icon apple -Size 5x


Many icon sizes are available. You can create larger icons by specifying sizes from 2x to 10x.

2..10 | ForEach-Object {
    New-UDIcon -Icon sign_language -Size "$($_)x"


You can use standard HTML and color names for colors.

New-UDIcon -Icon socks -Size 5x -Color red

Spinning Icons

You can create spinning icons. These can be useful as loading icons.

New-UDIcon -Spin -Icon linux -Size 5x

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