Universal Dashboard supports HTTPS. In order to enable HTTPS, you can specify a certificate file and password or a X509Certificate2 returned from the Certificate provider in PowerShell.

To enable HTTPS, simply specify the -CertificateFile and -CertificatePassword or -Certificate parameter on Start-UDDashboard.

$cert = ( Get-ChildItem -Path cert:\LocalMachine\My\2BB51C6FF080B51FCA6D52F0B8B4E5369732AE23 )

Start-UDDashboard -Content {
    New-UDDashboard -Title "Secure Dashboard" -Content {
        New-UDElement -Tag "h1" -Content { "Super Secure" }
} -Port 10000 -Certificate $cert

The dashboard will now be available on HTTPS and no longer available on HTTP.

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