Windows Service

Required Version: 1.6.0

Date Modified: 5/8/2018

Universal Dashboard can be run as a Windows service. This is accomplished using Publish-UDDashboard.

Creating a dashboard to run as a service

This sample dashboard is an example of a dashboard that can run as a service.

$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title "Dashboard as a Service" -Content {

Start-UDDashboard -Port 10000 -Dashboard $Dashboard

This dashboard should be saved as dashboard.ps1. Unlike when publishing for Azure or IIS, do not use the -Wait parameter.

Publishing a dashboard service

To publish a dashboard.ps1 file as a service, you can use Publish-UDDashboard.

Publish-UDDashboard -DashboardFile ".\dashboard.ps1"

Publish-UDDashboard will copy the dashboard.ps1 file into the UniversalDashboard module folder and then register UniversalDashboard.exe as a service using sc.exe. The service is set to automatic by default but using the -Manual switch you can set it to Manual.

If you want to deploy the entire UD module to another folder, use the -TargetPath parameter to deploy the dashboard.ps1 and Universal Dashboard module to a target folder. The service will be installed from there.

Running Publish-UDDashboard multiple times will result in the service being deleted using sc.exe and then reinstalled.

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