To host a dashboard in Azure, you will need to deploy the entire module to your WebApp.

Manually creating an Azure WebApp

First, create an Azure WebApp.

Once provisioned, go to the WebApp's blade and retrieve the FTP hostname and username.

Navigate to the wwwroot directory on the FTP server for your website.

Copy the entire contents of the PowerShell Universal Dashboard module to the wwwsite directory.

Create a dashboard.ps1 file that contains Start-UDDashboard with the -Wait parameter.

Start-UDDashboard -Wait -Dashboard (
    New-UDDashboard -Title "Hello, Azure" -Content {
        New-UDCard -Title "Hello, Azure"

Copy the dashboard.ps1 file to your wwwsite directory.

Now you should be able to navigate to your WebApp. When ever you need to update your dashboard, you can stop your WebApp and upload a new dashboard.ps1.


The license should be named license.lic and also placed in net472 directory. This will ensure that the license is persistent throughout restarts.

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