UDForge is a utility for building desktop applications with Universal Dashboard. You can install UDForge from the PowerShell Gallery.

Install-Module UniversalDashboard.Forge

Building a desktop application

UDForge accepts either a ps1 file or path to include in the desktop app. You can specify the version of PowerShell to run, icons to use, name of the application and output path.



Your dashboard file needs to be called dashboard.ps1, listen on the specified port and use the -Wait parameter of Start-UDDashboard.


Package a single ps1 file as a desktop application.

Import-Module UniversalDashboard.Forge
New-UDDesktopApp -Path .\dashboard.ps1 -OutputPath .\out -Name MyApp

Package a folder as a desktop application. UDForge will verify that the folder contains a dashboard.ps1 file. This file should call Start-UDDashboard.

Import-Module UniversalDashboard.Forge
New-UDDesktopApp -Path .\dashboard -OutputPath .\out -Name MyApp


An installer is also created in the output directory. This contains all the files necessary for electron, the app and Universal Dashboard.

.\MyApp\out\make\squirrel.windows\x64\myapp-1.0.0 Setup.exe

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