This page does not apply to Universal Dashboard Community Edition

Install via Set-UDLicense

Set-UDLicense is used to install a Universal Dashboard license. The -License parameter expects the contents of a license file. To install a license, you the following command line.

Set-UDLicense -License (Get-Content .\license.txt -Raw)

Install via ApplicationData deployment

One of the places that UD will attempt to load a license is from the ApplicationData folder. This folder is different depending on the operating system you are running. You will have to create the following folder and file structure. The contents of license.lic should be the license contents you received after purchase.

WIN: C:\Users\adam\AppData\Roaming\UniversalDashboard/license.lic
LIN: /home/adam/.config/UniversalDashboard/license.lic
OSX: /Users/adam/.config/UniversalDashboard/license.lic

Install via bin deployment

Another place that UD looks for a license during startup is within the binary folder for UD. If you are running Windows PowerShell, this will be the /UniveraslDashboard/net472 folder. If you are running PowerShell Core, this will be the /UniversalDashboard/netstandard2.0 folder. The file should be named license.lic and include the contents of the license you received after purchase.

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