Universal Dashboard is now a part of PowerShell Universal. This documentation is for reference to the v2 version of Universal Dashboard and is no longer maintained. PowerShell Universal Documentation can be found here.


Released: 12-7-2017

Issues Resolved

  • #197 - AppSecret key can be exposed by visiting the dashboard or login endpoint after logging in.
  • #189 - Not all inputs are cleared when using -ClearInput of New-UDInput
  • #188 - Jumbling text after input
  • #187 - [New-UDInputField] Display bug when a default value is set on a textbox
  • #184 - Fix inconsistency when serializing objects to JSON between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core
  • #179 - Default selection does not get sent to server
  • #159 - Color codes do not seem to work.
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