Universal Dashboard is now a part of PowerShell Universal. This documentation is for reference to the v2 version of Universal Dashboard and is no longer maintained.
PowerShell Universal Documentation can be found here.


Buttons are used for basic interactions from users. You can add event handlers to buttons to perform actions when they are clicked.


New-UDButton -Text "Button"
New-UDButton -Text "Button" -Icon cloud -IconAlignment left
New-UDButton -Text "Button" -Icon cloud -IconAlignment right


New-UDButton -Floating -Icon plus

OnClick Event Handler

See Event Handler Endpoints for more information about how event handlers work.
A ScriptBlock that is invoked when the button is clicked.
New-UDButton -Text "Click me!" -OnClick {
Show-UDToast -Message "Clicked!"

Passing Variables to a Button OnClick Handler

$MyVariable = "Some Text"
New-UDButton -Text "Click me!" -OnClick (
New-UDEndpoint -Endpoint {
Show-UDToast -Message $ArgumentList[0]
} -ArgumentList @($MyVariable)
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