Docs Changelog
Universal Dashboard is now a part of PowerShell Universal. This documentation is for reference to the v2 version of Universal Dashboard and is no longer maintained. PowerShell Universal Documentation can be found here.

Docs Changelog

  • Updated Tabs Page to include changes for 2.8.2
  • Added Toasts Page
  • Added Set via Environment Variable section to the Licensing page.
  • Added UDForge page.
  • Added utilities page with Set-UDClipboard and Invoke-UDRedirection information.
  • Added section on Listening Addresses to the web server page
  • Added information about HTTP to HTTPS redirection to the HTTPS section.
  • Added a Web Server section and added HTTPS into it.
  • Added Look and Feel section and moved colors and themes into it.
  • Updated REST API Authentication to include new functionality for 2.7
  • Added Admin Mode page
  • Added 'Uploading Files' section to REST APIs
  • Changed '-Design' to '-AdminMode' on the Grid Layout page
Last modified 1yr ago
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